Wrong link in Navbar when using both

There is a function to change Log-in link in navbar to a link to hidden members-only area.

In my case I have both a members-only area AND a custom “Page after setup”. A page welcoming users before they proceed to the members only area.

When both are active I find that users are routed correctly after log in, and the link in Navabar has the right text, but the link is to “Page after setup”.

Please fix so the link in the navbar remains to the members-only content.

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Hey Kjetil :wave:

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I recommend creating another button with the correct link instead of trying to use the rewrite feature. On this new button, you would add the following to your URL.


More information about this can be seen here.

Hi, and thanks for your reply. I’m testing your suggestions now, but I struggling with finding the contentID. It says it’s at the bottom of the Membership page after created Members-only content. I have did that, but can’t find any IDs. Please advice.

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Hey Kjetil :wave:

It looks like your contentID should be “basic” so the code would look like:


If this doesn’t work let me know :smiley: