Zapier Beta 1.2

Hey everyone,

Been using Memberstack’s Beta 1.2 Zapier integration over the last couple of days, and starting to get something together that I’m really happy with.

What I’d like to ask, before I go TOO far with it, is will this “break” (or is there any other potential negatives) once the Zapier integration moves on from 1.2, either onto 1.3 for example, or when it launches properly?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Andy :wave:

Great question! You should be good to go for our updates! :smiley:

Thanks, @Josh-Lopez!

So just to check, do my zaps automatically upgrade (e.g. if Memberstack changes any features/triggers, or releases new ones) for example in 1.3, or would I need to follow a new invitation link and set up new zaps?

In the past zapier did have an issue with updates and we submitted a bug with them. We have been told this has been fixed now.

Awesome, thanks for the quick replies buddy.

Guess we’ll wait and see what happens :slight_smile: They’re fairly simple zaps to be honest so it won’t be the end of the world if something does go wrong.

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If you are worried take a screenshot after you create the zap and if it does break im sure we can help ya out :smiley:

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