Zapier integration with webflow to update Item


I need to get the Item ID from my cms collection item in webflow to pass it through zapier to memberstack. I will need that Id in order to update the Item if a change in my corresponding member happens in memberstack.
When I create a new live item in webflow I need to update an item in memberstack.
Here is my flow:

First Zap: Create Item in memberstack -> Create an item in Pipedrive -> Create a row in spreadsheet
Second Zap: Create a row in spreadsheet -> create item in webflow.

I see this post:

However, since I Have to break the flow into 2 zaps I can´t get the member ID on the step 3 of the post above. It would be great if I could get the webflow Item ID in the step 3.

I have to create a spreadsheet because I need to transform the address into latitude and longitude in a macro and then send the latitude and longitude to webflow.


Hey Othon :wave:

Just trying to clarify things. In your first zap, are you able to add the member ID in your spreadsheet and then use it later?

Hi Josh,

Yes. That part is fine. I can. The option is called “ID” in zapier.



The problem is Item ID in webflow. Zapier doesn´t give me that option. So I can´t dynamically change my CMS in webflow if someone changes there data in memberstack profile. I tryed to create in webflow a field called Item ID to find somehow a way to automatically past the Item ID there. Any clue?


After some trials and errors It is returning fine the member ID to memberstack updating the Member page after creating my CMS in webflow. The problem as I said is how We will update data in webflow if the member changes its information. And in my case, if it changes their address I will have to send their info to my spreadsheet to recalculate latitude and longitude. After that I send those data to webflow. However, zapier asks the Item I want to update. It is the damn Item ID.

Thank you for sharing more info. It sounds like this video series might help you. In your case instead of airtable you would use pipedrive.

Thanks! I will take a look and let you know.

@Josh-Lopez! Thank you very much. They called Cid !!!