Zapier Integration

Hey guys,

Would it be possible to add a “create member” option on Zapier. As in, set up a trigger, and the result would be to create a member. At the moment the only one i can see is “update member”

That would be a really helpful way to be helpful to link foxy and memberstack without needing custom integration.

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Hi @jvaleur!

At the moment we don’t have a Create Member action in Zapier. That being said it is on our roadmap!


Hi @belltyler, Do you have any kind of timeframes in regards to that feature? We’re trying to decide between waiting for your release on getting a custom solution.

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Hi Julie! It’s hard for us to say when a new feature will go live … we haven’t started working on this feature yet. What sort of deadlines are you working with?

If you have a budget, maybe we could bring on some help to add the functionality. Would you want to talk more about that?

Hi Duncan, yes that could be a potential solution. I’ll send you an email now.

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