Zapier intergration issues

Hello everyone,

Brand new member! Just wondering if this was possible:

I would like Zapier to take the info from a profile entered on a calculator (, create a new member on member stack, and then have a profile for this member on squarespace (their customer account system sucks), only issue being is they wouldn’t have a password. Any ideas if possible? If not, any other suggestions as to how to do this?

So many thanks


Hi Nick! In response to popular demand, we’re considering adding the Zapier action you need. You’ll be able to create a member using Zapier and assign them a password. At the moment, you have to add members via your actual website.

This is what the new Zapier action would look like.

New Member Action

  1. email field (required)
  2. custom fields (optional)
  3. password field (required)
  4. dropdown with list of free memberships (select the one you want)

Would that do everything you need?

Hello Duncan,

Really appreciate hearing back from a Co-founder. Yes, that’s exactly what I would want, though unless it’s implemented fairly soon I wouldn’t be able to use it. Maybe I could trend set for someone after me? Many thanks


You’re in luck! We actually started on the feature yesterday. I can’t make an guesses as to when it will be done, but I can say we’re working on it.

How soon do you need it?

Hi Duncan,

Preferably within the month if you could, if not sooner? Realise it’s probably a big ask!

Many thanks

Hi @NE21, we expect to have a Create Member action in Zapier by the end of today or tomorrow. Unless things change, you’ll need to be a Scale user in order to use it though. Do you think that will still work for you?

Hey Bell,

Afraid I have no idea what scale is!

no worries! I didn’t explain that well :sweat_smile:

Scale is one of our pricing tiers. We have Pro ($25/mo), Scale ($49/mo), and Established ($199/mo). In order to use the Create Member action in Zapier, you will need to be on the Scale plan.

Ah OK! I’m not just yet as I’m not sure how I’ll use memberstack just yet. Hopefully in a bit of time I’ll do that.