Zapier: membership_subscribed_to missing on update

In Zapier the “membership_subscribed_to” data field is showing as not available when I’m trying to use is it with the Member Updated trigger event. Is this intentional? I was planning to use that field to update a subscribers information in Drip from their “free” account to one of the paid options when they upgrade.

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Right now it’s not possible to change a member’s membership with the Update member action. That action is only capable of updating their profile info, email, and unique page (for those using that feature).

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Thanks for the reply @belltyler. I think I wrote that backwards… what I am trying to do is to read the current memberstack plan that the member is subscribed_to using the Member Updated trigger.

So for example… if a Member is Updated, then pull the current plan in the Subscribed_to field. Then I would use Integromat or Zapier to send the current plan in the Subscribed_to field to another platform.

Hopefully this makes a little more sense.


Ah yes, I see now! That was my bad! I completely read your question wrong :laughing:

What you need is our Membership Changed trigger which is still a work in progress. The member updated trigger doesn’t fire when a member upgrades/downgrades/cancels, etc.

I will say though that we are really close to being able to add that trigger. I don’t have an exact ETA but we are close!


Ok - thanks so much for that update. And for confirming I wasn’t going crazy. :slight_smile:


Hi Tyler - is there any update on the “Membership Changed” TRIGGER?

Would this updated include an ACTION to change the user’s membership?

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Hey @ian thanks for checking in. This feature hasn’t been released yet - we had a super busy few months and didn’t anticipate the time it would take to get everything released in the time frame we wanted too. ‘Membership Changed’ trigger is coming…there are a few features in front of this one but it will be coming. I wont give an ETA on it as I don’t want to make any promises that might be delayed. But we will be sure to update you when it’s ready to go. And yes, it will include an action to change the user’s membership. :tada:

Let me know if there are anymore questions.


That sounds great. Look forward to seeing that functionality in action. :grinning:

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Any update on this?

Trying to create a job board and got stuck due to this functionality.

Hey @mollyfloyd24 - great to see this feature released. Has the Zapier integration been updated as well?

Hey @ian ! Just stumbled upon this thread — yeah, the Zapier integration now includes the membership_id as part of the New Membership trigger :slight_smile:

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That’s great news. Thanks for the heads up @naitik

This seems to only be working in limited capacity. For example, trying to add a user with the membership type tag in convertkit isn’t working from Zapier to Converkit. If you have multiple tiers, it would be important to have a tag for their tier type to filter people out of emails.

Is there a workaround?