Zapier New Member event

Why does the Zapier “New Member” event require Scale plan ($49/mo)? I wish to use it with Pro plan ($25/mo), as I don’t expect to grow over 12.000 members. I’m just curious as to why you would require such a pricy entry level for starting websites?


*edit - I can’t even test it, so I know whether it works as it should :slight_smile: before upgrading.

What’s your source of information for this? That doesn’t sound right.

Interesting, that doesn’t show up for me:

Wow, that’s strange. Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: Looking forward to a reaction from a MS team member…

*edit - I see you are using a trigger “New Member”. My situation is an event (when something happens in a different app, Create a Member in MS).

Hey Boris :wave:

We are currently working on our pricing structure and will be updating the pricing page with additional information about this. We will let you know when it’s ready! :smiley:

Hey Josh :wave:

Thanks for your reply. Any idea on when this will be available?

One more question Josh.

Would I be able to downgrade once the new pricing methods are introduced?

It just sucks having to upgrade to $49/mo and double the cost in order to have one Zapier event work as it should. I have no other reason to upgrade, as I don’t see needing 36K of free members. However, I am needing this now, so I will probably upgrade anyways.

I’m not sure why you guys decided to have this Scale plan requirement :roll_eyes:

Hey Boris :wave:

You can downgrade later no problem!

Thanks. Any idea when the pricing will kick in?

We do not know right now. We are still working on it and gaining insights from customers. :smiley:

Cool. I hope you noted my frustration with the Scale plan :rofl:

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